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We offer the following seminars:

2023 / 3

Online Seminar: Chemical Protection of structures with KÖSTER Products

Learn about the different products available specifically for increasing the corrosion resistance of specific materials


3CX (Google Chrome required)
30. March  2023
2023 / 4

Online Seminar: Protection of Cooling Towers

Cooling towers have specific protection requirements. Learn how the KÖSTER Cooling Tower Protection System works and has been installed around the world.


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13. April  2023

Online Seminar: KÖSTER NB 1 vs. the Competition

KÖSTER NB 1 Grey is the best waterproofing slurry on the market. Find out why.


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27. April  2023
2023 / 5

Online Seminar: KÖSTER BDM Liquid and Powder

Learn about the strengths and differences between the two Integral Waterproofing materials.


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11. May  2023

Participation in our seminars is reserved exclusively for active customers and partners of KÖSTER Bauchemie AG. The respective seminar will be announced one week in advance by e-mail. You will receive your individual participation link about one hour before the start.

Our regular seminars take place during winter, spring, and autumn. Individual appointments and company seminars on location are available any time and can be requested under 04941 / 9709-0.


This disclaimer applies to KÖSTER Online Seminars and any documents, information or opinions obtained from the Online Seminars. KÖSTER makes no representations or warranties about the accuracy or suitability of information provided in the Online Seminars. By signing up for this Online Seminar you agree not to record or disseminate the content. Registering for an Online Seminar only constitutes an agreement to attend, not a contract for consultancy or advice. The information and materials contained in the Online Seminar may inadvertently contain inaccuracies or errors. The views and experiences provided in this Online Seminar with construction chemical products, including those of competitors, are those of the presenters and participants and not necessarily that of the KÖSTER BAUCHEMIE AG. Information contained in this KÖSTER Online Seminar alone can not guarantee a successful application. Further information may be required to meet specific jobsite requirements. If you have any questions contact our Technical Department for personalized consulting and always check our website for updated information and Technical Data Sheets.



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