Joint sealing on dilatation joints and other moving joints

Movement joints must be waterproofed durably, elastically, form stable, and UV resistant. A joint waterproofing must allow for movement in the construction without causing damage to the construction itself. Movement joints up to a width of 35 mm can be waterproofed with KÖSTER Joint Sealant FS. For wider joints, such as expansion and dilation joints, KÖSTER Joint Tapes are used.

The KÖSTER Joint Tape is a thermoplastic tape for waterproofing expansion joints. It comes in widths of 20 cm (for 12 cm wide joints) and 30 cm (for up to 20 cm wide joints). The KÖSTER Joint Tape 20 and KÖSTER Joint Tape 30 are UV stable; highly elastic and can resist extreme joint movements.

The KÖSTER Joint Tape System consists of the KÖSTER Joint Tapes and KÖSTER KB-Pox Adhesive, a 2 component, epoxy based high performance adhesive.

Firstly, the KÖSTER KB-Pox Adhesive is applied onto the stable and prepared substrate. As a general rule, the substrate must be cleaned or removed down to a solid and stable base material, then leveled and primed if necessary. The substrate must be clean, solid, dry, and free from adhesion inhibiting materials, such as waxes, oils, and old coatings.

Then, the KÖSTER Joint Tape is bonded to both flanks of the joint with the first layer of adhesive, making sure that the tape has a good contact to the adhesive. Afterwards, the KÖSTER Joint Tape is embedded into a second coat of KÖSTER KB-Pox Adhesive.

Always adhere to the specifications in the respective Technical Guidelines.



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